American Telecom offers a full range of professional services. And with almost 50 years of experience, we have the expertise to evaluate, implement and support all of your tech needs. We'll take a look at your existing systems, make recommendations to save you money, and design a turnkey solution that'll greatly improve all your business communications. From start to finish, American Telecom has you covered. Our proven methods will guarantee your project is well thought and user friendly.

System Design

American Telecom employees are highly skilled and certified in designing technology solutions. We work with you to evaluate, analyze and design voice and data networks that fit your needs and budgets.

We start your foundation with a strong voice and data infrastructure. American telecom then develops a personalized business communication solution, including a combination of hardware, software, and internet solutions. While hosted VoIP solution with mobile messaging may work best for one business, it may not be the best for your business. American Telecom will come up with the best solution for your specific needs. With almost 50 years of experience, we use proven industry methods to deliver a perfectly executed technology solution.

Cost Savings Analysis

American Telecom partners with the best local carriers for all voice and data services. Our partnerships provide simply the best voice and data services based on your company’s needs. Whether you you're looking into digital circuits, installing remote IP stations, SIP trunks, or analog service, American Telecom is ready to help you with the process. Our project managers will design your voice and data network and recommend the best service provider for you. On average American Telecom can save customers 40% on their phone service, including local services, long distance, internet and data networking.

Training & Support

To make the most of your new communications solution, American Telecom offers personalized on site group sessions, individual training, and advanced on-site instruction. Our highly trained and certified staff reviews all the features, basic and advanced, so you can operate your new communications system with ease! We provide complete ongoing education and support for the lifetime of your system. Any questions about features will be confidently answered by our qualified staff.

We also offer extended maintenance plans to support all the systems we install... beyond the initial warranty period. Our maintenance agreements cover most system hardware, software upgrades, and license support. Maintenance agreements grant access to priority service and support, including remote support through the LogMeIn software powered by MX Meeting.

Financial Services

Whether you're looking to purchase your new system outright, or make payments over time, We're happy to custom tailor a financial program, including hardware and licensing requirements, to meet your needs. We also offer extended maintenance plans to support each system we install beyond the initial warranty period.

Our lease partners allow you to make low monthly payments for your new telecommunications system. American Telecom provides customized leasing and financing options when purchasing a new communications system. Our experienced staff will evaluate your company's financial needs and design a program that's right for you.

We also offer a variety of complete rental programs with full maintenance and license services included for non-profit organizations, municipalities, school districts, and other institutions. When investing up front for communications equipment isn't an option, American Telecom can help. Take advantage of the flexible rental experience we provide!

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