Terryphone Products

Terryphone subsets are the individual phones of the system. They provide access to the voice paging circuit and telephonic-type communication. There are two basic styles of Terryphone subsets: Director Desk phones and Director Wall phones. These subsets offer distinctive features and modular construction for a compatible blend of style and utility and are available in black or beige.


The Terryphone subset is constructed of high-impact Cycolac® plastic. Each subset has a telephone-type handset with a spring-loaded activator switch for thumb and forefinger control. The desk phone has a factory-installed paper cone speaker. A neon lamp provides a visual line-in-use (busy) indication. A Momentary contact button (MCB) can be used for special functions or zone paging. One-way emergency, or Private Page (PP) is available for your receptionist. This paging feature is independent of the common talkpath. 

Desk phones are equipped with a wall mounting junction box terminated to the subset line cord. Wall phones are equipped with a camblock type terminal strip inside the housing for direct cable connections.

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