Anyone who has worked in a large, noisy industrial facility knows how difficult it can be to locate a specific person in that facility. Terryphone technology was developed to solve that problem. The Terryphone system is the most efficient method of locating a specific person via voice paging and a common line talkpath.


The Terryphone internal communication system is often referred to as a common line, or common talkpath system, because any individual phone referred to as a subset can be used to respond to a page. This feature gives the Terryphone its most important feature: locating an individual quickly. Terryphones can be strategically placed anywhere in your working environment to maximize the convenience of this feature.


Another advantage of a Terryphone system is the ease and efficiency of internal conferencing. When three or more people pick up their Terryphone subset a conference has begun. Bringing another person into the conversation is as easy as paging them. When the individual being paged picks up the Terryphone handset, he or she will immediately join the conference call.

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