Terryphone Manuals & Part Number Description

Terryphone Manuals for Download

The Terryphone manual will soon be available for download. If you require the manual immediately, please contact us. 

Terryphones Parts List & Number Descriptions

Part # Description
A10200-XX00 Dir Desk Multiline
A10210-XX00 Dir Desk S/L
A20110-XX01 Dir Wall S/L
A60120-XX00 DLM 2L
A60130-XX00 DLM 3L
A60140-XX00 DLM 4L
A60150-XX00 DLM 5L
A70230-1900 2/3L Keyswitch
A70250-1900 4/5L Keyswitch
B53102-0001 Line 1 Private Page Plug In
B53103-0001 Add Line 3 Plug In
B53104-0001 Zone Page
B53105-0001 Zone Music
B53106-0001 Line 1 Private Page Line 2
B53107-0001 Telephone Bridging Unit
B53108-0001 Executive Loop
B53122-0001 Tone Oscillator
B53142-0001 Auxiliary Terminal
B53146-0001 Tone Oscillator Warble
B53149-0001 Dual Zone Page
B53150-0001 4 Plug Modular Chassis
B53151-0001 7 Plug Modular Chassis
B53153-0001 Tone Oscillator
B53155-0001 Music Adapter
B53158-0001 High Gain Solid State Pre
B53160-0001 Zone Music Adapter Solid State
B53161-0001 Module Bal Line
B60004-0000 Pre-Amp & Automatic Gain Cont
B60005-0000 Basic System Line Function
B60006-0000 Line Function Power Supply
B60008-0000 Special Functions Card
B60018-0001 Jumper Board
B60020-0000 Tone-Telephone Bridging Unit
B60044-0000 Booster Input Music
C13054-0300 Amp 35 Watt Tube-Type
C23046-0100 Amp 10 Watt Tube-Type
C23047-0100 Amp 100 Watt Solid State
C23048-0000 Amp 35 Watt Solid State
C23050-0000 Amp 75 Watt Solid State
D13201-0800 VRB8 Baffle Spk 8"
D15000-0301 VRB4 Baffle Spk 4" Bge
D15000-0302 VRB4 Baffle Spk 4" Blk
D23201-0800 VRB8-2 Baffle Spk 2 Way
D31201-0800 VRC8 Inch Ceiling Spk
D51230-0001 VRH10 Horn Spk 10 Inch It
D58298-0800 VRH8-IT Horn Spk 8 Inch It Metal
D61000-0300 VRMD DW Spk Module 3 Inch
D78360-1403 Horn Spk Explosion Proof
F83014-1000 Low Voltage Power Supply
H00005-0100 WP Enclosures
H14196-0100 Switch Explosion Proof 6L
H14197-0100 Push Button Assy Explosion Proof
H24050-0100 4050 Volume Control
H30027-0001 NGTS Cable Assembly
H40003-0100 Control Unit J Box
J30021-XX03 Dir Desk Handset Assy
J35381-XX06 Dir Wall Handset Assy
L10002-0002 Amp Hybrid Replacement RCA (HC 2000H)
L26001-0022 Dir Wall Neon Lamp
L26001-0025 Director Desk Neon Lamp
L26002-0030 DLM Lamp Assy
L26006-0051 Lamp, MCB & Line
L35026-0010 Rectifier 3044 or 3046 Amp
L35040-0010 Rectifier 100 Watt Amp
L43132-0010 Potentiometer
L50402-0030 Transformer VRMD
L50411-0010 Transformer VRC8
L54021-0030 Reciever T/P
L54021-0040 Terryphone Transmitter
L54021-0061 Confidencer Wire In Blk
L54025-5500 Confidencer Crop In Blk
L70703-0021 H/Switch
L80001-2502 Dir Desk 3 Spk
M01901-0204 Splice Box Large
M21914-XX09 Cord DD 4 Cond 6'
M21933-XX02 Cord DW1 3 Cond 7'
M21964-XX09 Cord DD 4 Cond 9'
M21973-XX02 Cord DW1 3 Cond 13'
M22603-2213 Cable 6PR Terryphone Outdoor
M22608-2213 Cable 6Pr Terryphone  Indoor
M22903-2215 Cable 9Pr Terryphone Owr
M22908-2215 Cable 9Pr Terryphone 
M23418-0019 Plate Cap/Pigtail
M30008-0174 Coverplate Multiline
M30008-0175 Coverplate S/L
M30104-0010 Dir Wall Cover Plate Blk
M30104-0020 Dir Line Module Coverplate 2L
M30104-0030 Dir Line Module Coverplate 3L
M30104-0040 Dir Line Module Coverplate 4L
M30104-0050 Dir Line Module Coverplate 5L
M30104-0120 Walnut Face Plate DD3
M30431-0010 Brkt Mounting Amp 75W/100W
M40001-0200 Filler Plate Multiline
M40101-XX01 Handset Handle Modified
M40103-XX01 Reciever Cap
M40104-XX01 Transmitter Cap
M40403-XX00 Dir Wall Housing
M40404-XX00 DLM Housing
M40407-XX50 Dir Desk Housing
M41103-0080 Number Strip Multiline
M41106-0010 Filler Plate S/L
M41207-0102 Dir Desk Base Blk 
U11070-0002 H/Switch Repair Kit Dir Wall
U11070-0002 H/Switch Kit Dir Wall Old Style
W07710-0010 MCB Switch Assembly
W52309-0083 One Line Pigtail/J-Box Std.
W52309-0093 2/3L Pigtail/J-Box Std.
W52309-0103 4/5L Pigtail/J-Box Std.
W52309-0210 PC Board Assembly Dir Desk
W52309-0221 4/5L Pigtail/J-Box 13'
W52309-0222 2/3L Pigtail/J-Box 13'
Z13021-0010 Page Switch Assembly Handset
Z13031-0020 Dir Desk MCB Switch
Miscellaneous Locator Button
Miscellaneous Back Plate for S/L w/DLM Wall
Miscellaneous Blank J-Box
Miscellaneous Manual
Miscellaneous AC Cord


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