American Telecom offers a full range of professional services. With over forty years of experience, American Telecom possesses the technical expertise needed to evaluate, implement and support all of our client’s technological needs. We will analyze and evaluate the existing voice and internet service and systems, make recommendations to maximize cost savings, and will design a turnkey solution that will greatly improve all communication within a business.  From conception to completion American Telecom offers collaborative support services that allow our trained professionals the opportunity to restructure our client’s business technologies. Our proven methods will ensure that project implementation is well thought and user friendly.  

System Design

American Telecom employees are highly skilled and certified in designing technology solutions.  We work with our customers to evaluate, analyze and design voice and data networks that fit their needs and budgets.  Learn more about our system design process. 

Cost Savings Analysis

American Telecom partners with the best local carriers for all voice and data services. These partnerships provide comprehensive voice and data services based on a company’s needs. On average American Telecom can save customers 40% on their phone service, including local services, long distance, internet and data networking. Learn more...

Training and Support

Businesses require professional training and support in order to maximize the desired features and benefits of their new communications solution. American Telecom offers personalized on site group sessions, individual training, and advanced instruction for the administrator. Our highly trained and certified staff reviews all of the features, basic and advanced, that allow the end user to operate their communications system with complete ease! We provide complete on-going education and support for the lifetime of the system. Learn more...

Financial Services

When ownership is right for a company an outright purchase may be made directly or in installment payments through American Telecom.  We are happy to custom tailor a financial program, including hardware and licensing requirements, that meets anyone’s needs. We also offer extended maintenance plans to support each system we install beyond the initial warranty period.  Learn More...

Case Study

Learn how we helped Bulldog Office Supply achieve their communications goals

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