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American Telecom is a Pittsburgh based business communications provider with over 40 years of experience.   American Telecom offers solutions for all types of business, with particular focus to their voice and data needs.  Through collaborative efforts with our partners, American Telecom offers hardware and software for a complete turnkey design.  We thrive on solving unique challenges for customer, large and small.  Our platforms are application based and custom built for each client. Our dedicated staff members are trained by the manufacturer and are available to answer any questions to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


American Telecom’s success comes from exceptional service and cutting edge technologies.  American Telecom genuinely values the professional relationships we form with our customers, which is reflected in our over 90% customer retention rate. If you buy from American Telecom once, you will most likely buy from us again.  American Telecom combines old fashion service with the industry’s latest technology, making us the best choice for any small or large organization.

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